Silhouette Soft


SILHOUETTE SOFT® is a technological innovation that offers women a simple yet effective facial rejuvenation without the need for surgery. 

When asked about the signs of facial ageing, women usually cite the loss of skin tone causing sagging of facial contours and the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and creases. This is caused by the loss of collagen in the skin and also the loss of fat, leading to hollows on the sides and a heaviness on the chin and lower cheeks.

Silhouette Soft is the only product on the aesthetic market combining two key rejuvenation actions to tackle these problems:

  • Immediate lifting effect
  • Gradual regenerating from within

This delivers  a comprehensive, effective yet natural looking rejuvenation.

Benefits of Silhouette Soft®:

  • Redefined facial structure
  • Restored volume
  • Reduction in lines and wrinkles
  • Immediately visible results with natural lifting effect
  • Stimulates production of natural collagen for progressive benefits
  • Flabbiness in the mandible area, neck, malar area and droopy eyebrows can be improved
  • Results that last up to 18 months

How does Silhouette Soft® work?

The SILHOUETTE SOFT® procedure is done using special bidirectional absorbable thread cones, which are made in the United States after years of experience in using suture suspension cones in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. The cones themselves are made of polylactic acid ( or PLA ) - a natural substance that has been used for many years in various pharmaceutical and medical applications such as suture thread.

Silhouette Soft

The sutures are carefully inserted about 3-5mm below the surface of the skin using a fine needle and are held in place using the absorbable cones, which are situated according to the area being treated. Once in place, the sutures are compressed and massaged to create the lifting effect.

There are a number of advantages vs surgery:

  • Takes around an hour
  • Uses only a local anaesthetic (no general anaesthetic)
  • No incisions
  • No recovery issues - immediate return to work/home/social life
  • No need for bandages/facial support garments
  • Components are entirely and naturally absorbed by the body - no removal procedure required
  • Significantly cheaper than surgery

Who is Silhouette Soft® for?

SILHOUETTE SOFT® is recommended for patients over the age of 30 who are looking to fight the signs of ageing with natural looking results and without invasive treatment or surgery.

The procedure can be used to treat the following areas:

  • Contour
  • Lower jaw
  • Cheeks and cheekbones
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck

The treatment is suitable for all skin types and is suitable for both women and men.

Those with significant amounts of excess, loose skin may consider other treatments.

Silhouette Soft® FAQ

Is Silhouette Soft® safe?

Silhouette Soft® has been used since 2010 on the Asian market, where it met with great success. The cones are manufactured in the USA where they are subject to numerous sanitary controls. Silhouette Soft® is CE marked (CE 0499) for the European market and complies with the requirements of the international standards ISO13485 in accordance with Europe Directive 93/42.

Who can do Silhouette Soft®?

Silhouette Soft® must be carried out by a doctor who has been trained in the procedure.

Does Silhouette Soft® hurt?

The procedure is carried out using a local anaesthetic.

Treatments at Beyond Medispa are made as comfortable as possible according to the treatment and the individual's personal requirements. Ice is used as a topical anaesthetic. If necessary, a dental block anaesthetic may also be used. Painkillers are also available on request.

What do I need to do before treatment?

There are not normally any special preparations before Silhouette Soft®. The procedure will be fully discussed in your consultation before any treatment commences.

What should I expect after treatment?

As with any cosmetic treatment, there might be some temporary swelling, redness or bruising. This usually passes within a couple of days.

The skin might appear wrinkled at first - this is part of the lifting effect, but settles quite quickly.

Any special aftercare requirements?

We recommend:

  • avoid other facial/beauty treatments for a week
  • sleep on your back
  • avoid dental work for a week
  • avoid contact sports for the first few weeks

What is the difference between Silhouette Soft and a face lift?

Silhouette Soft is perfect for patients who are looking to regain facial freshness, but not quite ready for a full facelift. These are typically from the age of 30 or around their 40's. It can help with mild to moderate sagging in the mid to lower face and is very quick and effective, giving the opportunity to turn back the signs of ageing with a shorter recovery time and without the need for general anaesthetic.